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As the year continues, the Senate and congress are working hard at eliminating the monies that we do  have left in our rapidly shrinking wallets.

I am trying out a new WYSIWYG editor that will hopefully allow me to become active on this website again.  My works have stalled due to distractions on the home front.  Well... On to another year filled with hopes, great expectations and well wishes for all.

I hope in the futurer to be able to post more current events with an eye towards civil discourse verses regurgitating someone else's talking points.

 Enjoy your 101 Days of Summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day) and be safe.



There are major changes happening to the web site! Enjoy what is available and more is to come!

The main focus of this site is to have fun.  So, come on in and visit a while.  I need to work on the  Hog Log(Guest Book)!

    Areas that I will be paying attention to are be military aviation, programming, fraternity with Vet links to many organizations that provide service and support for our veterans and service people.

  The aircraft images that I like to display are the QF-106 and the F-117A.   Both aircraft fill a unique niche in the military aviation.  Plus a few other birds that I find interesting.

Here are the Pictures that I have aquired over the years... King Salmon Air Base is just the first of many monatages... I will also be displaying pictures from Wurtsmith AFB, MI, plus Reese AFB, TX.

    You may be wondering what the Hodge Podge area is...  This is the place where I am placing everything that I am interested in but have not been able to find a cranny for.  Including my ramblings on various subjects.


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