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Visual Basic

Australian Visual Developers Forum [AVDF Home Page] - The Australian Visual Developers Forum, a bi-monthly publication featuring programming information on Visual Basic, Delphi and Internet development.

Carl & Gary's Visual Basic Home Page - This is the first and definitive source of information about Visual Basic, add-on products, and the user community on the Internet.

VB Naming Conventions Cheat Sheet - Using naming conventions is one of those little things that makes reading source code much easier and more enjoyable (so, we're wierd.. so what?!).




www.COBOL.com - Main - If you were just surfing the 'Net looking for information on COBOL or the Year 2000 Problem...then this site is also dedicated to you.


Fujitsu COBOL - FREE COBOL Starter Set
Click here, to receive a FREE unrestricted COBOL V3 Starter Set, which provides everything you need to develop and deploy COBOL applications for the Windows platform.