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My collection of F-117 images.
Click on the thumbnail image to view the full sized image.

Guess where this shot was taken...  E-Mail me Kozmik1[at]kozmik1.com with your answer.
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The 4450th Patches...  Got any more?
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In the hanger at Kamis.
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117aontank.jpg (17487 bytes)
F-117A view from a tanker.


797001.jpg (25631 bytes)
F-117A over White Sands.


797003.jpg (21770 bytes)
F-117A taxiing at Holloman AFB, NM.


797004.jpg (33570 bytes)
F-117A Flying over Holloman AFB, NM.


797005.jpg (31702 bytes)
F-117A fly-Over of Holloman AFB, NM.


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