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Disclaimer:  This website contains my point of view.  It does not reflect the opinion or endorsement of any organization including that of my current or past employers.

Notice:  Anything placed on a pedestal deserves to have stones thrown at it.

Warning:  This website may contain images and themes that are adult in nature.  Pluse adjust your browsing with this in mind.

In summation, I’d like to issue a blanket apology to everyone who seemingly does not have a sense of humor, including but not limited to: bluntnosed suckers, Wolf Blitzer, ear ringed teenagers, Dr. Spock, tofu lovers, members of the Denver Dumb Friends League, spotted owls, Ted Turner’s ex-wife, golfers, prune eaters, bald women, mules, Jesse Jackson, daytime TV hosts, poultry pluckers, New Yorkers, cat lovers, latte drinking baby boomers, rappers, residents of Gas, Ky., city slickers, and anyone else I may have offended in the past or, no doubt, will in the future.

Caution:  If further apology is needed adapt the following passage to your needs.





FROM:  Squadron Apology Officer

SUBJECT:  Blanket Apology Letter

1.  The members of this Squadron apologize for the following reasons:

( ) Golfing while intoxicated (GWI)

( ) Bowling while intoxicated (BWI)

( ) Walking while intoxicated (WWI)

( ) Singing while intoxicated (SWI)

( ) Singing the S & M Man/Blow Job In The Bar

( ) For stealing your squadrons mascot

( ) Playing rodeo with the wing commanders wife at the club

( ) Getting noise complaints from the dinning room on Friday night

( ) Missed dental appointment

( ) Not wearing a hat from our car to the club.

( ) Pissing off the security police for___________ again!

( ) Giving shit to non-singing shoe clerks at the club

( ) Throwing glasses in the fireplace at the Stag Bar

( ) Giving the O'Club manager a "swirly" for giving shit to fighter pilots

( ) To our "Bitches" for every Friday night

( ) To the hotel management for convention buffoonery

( ) For plagiarism in order to write fighter pilot songs

( ) Blanket apology (To be marked only when apologizing for Squadron actions in advance for

the next six month period)

JOE SHIT, the Rag Man Squadron Apology Officer