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Visual Basic - I have found Visual Basic a fun language to use.  The flexibility of it's structure allows limitless creativity.  (More links and things later)

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An appropriate "brain lubricant" has it's
advantages when programming.

COBOL - Is a language that I am finally getting a  chance to code in. This language's file manipulation allows easy access to data that can then be "list processed."   The Fujitsu COBOL is a COBOL 85 compliant system with hooks that allow the programmer to use Visual Basic for the "front-end" and Crystal Reports for the output.  (More goodies later)


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Shadow - The Velcro Rottwieler
Sometimes there are "little" distractions that
creep in, while you are trying to code.


QBASIC - Believe it or not there are things that can be done better in this language than in Visual Basic.  An example of this is controlling stepper motors through the parallel port.  Due to the overhead needed to run Visual Basic (DOS, WINDOWS and compiled program) the rates of transmission through the parallel port are faster just running the QBASIC program and DOS.