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 797021.jpg (29459 bytes)
An F-117A taxiing out for an evening mission at Holloman AFB, NM


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An F-117A on the ramp at Holloman AFB, NM (Correct me if I am wrong).


797023.jpg (20769 bytes)
Front View of an F-117A in the evening at Holloman AFB, NM.


797024.jpg (26980 bytes)
F117A on the ramp at Holloman AFB, both trapeze down.


797025.jpg (24058 bytes)
F-117A on the ramp.  I have no idea where this one was taken.


  797026.jpg (35349 bytes)
F-117A final check before take off.


797027.jpg (18949 bytes)
F-117A taking off.


 797028.jpg (20481 bytes)
F-117A, can't tell ya much about this one.


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